Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I benefit from working with Vied Technologies?

Vied Technologies guarantees that your project will be done on time, on budget, and in accordance with the latest quality and technical standards. Our services are confidential and reliable. By using our CAD drafting services, you are benefited over cost comparison when done in-house. This also helps in non-investment over the infrastructure required for drafting along with its maintenance and software licenses.

How can I outsource to an Indian company without even meeting them?

Indian service companies are considered a viable outsourcing option today. What they offer is a strategic initiative to cut costs and access to intellectual capital not available in-house. Vied Technologies also offers free trial for companies that are considering outsourcing for the first time so as to enable the companies to understand our process.

What is your phone and communication support like?

Vied Technologies is extremely customer service oriented in this regard. We have phone and email support, and our policy is that if there are any problems with the CAD project that is being worked on, we will fix it by the next business day. You can call us any time of the day for assistance or to convey a message to your project manager.

How do I hire your CAD Drafters?

You can use our staff for a short while to get a particular project done. Or hire our drafters for a long term as members of your CAD Team. It is in our best interest to facilitate the growth and success of our client’s businesses. As a result, we work as true partners to bring our clients the type of service they would expect from their own employees. Since our communication methods (phone, email) are excellent it is like hiring an in-house staff at great savings. You save on hiring costs, infrastructure, payroll and insurance costs and office space.

How is the Quality assured for the delivered product?

We are good in drafting of Boundary Survey, Mortgage Survey and Topographic Surveys. We deliver a sample proof of concept before moving into the production phase of the project. This allows for synchronization of our delivery with quality assurance of the delivered product.

What kind of jobs does Vied work on?

We are proficient in delivering Boundary Surveys, Mortgage Surveys, and Topographic Surveys for single-family residential houses.

Could my work be done by a regular team who would get to know certain style details that I tend to use all the time?

We normally deploy the same staff for all your projects to ensure consistency and minimize questions and the same team is available for all your projects. It will be easy for companies to work with the same team as they are trained in CAD standards and drafting styles followed by companies.

Can I try your services first before signing a contract for a large drafting project?

Yes, you can request us to do a pilot project. We will complete a simple pilot project of up to 8 hours for which you do not have to pay.

If I don’t deliver to my clients on time, I lose work. How do you guarantee on-time delivery as my biggest underlining problem is reliability and trust?

When you send us the CAD files and other input files, if you could mention a deadline, we will review the files along with the scope of work and come up with an estimated time that can be mutually agreed.

Do you work well with my already existing staff?

Yes. The scenario of an in-house Team Leader, who assigns work to outsourcing CAD services, works well. If you are in a situation where you have work that needs to be done, but your current staff is overloaded, and the work requires experienced drafters, please contact us to assist you. We will have initial meetings with your in-house staff to understand the project requirements and expectations. We work closely with your in-house team until they are confident and comfortable with our staff.