Mapping Products

  • Vied technologies and SynerGIS Informationssysteme GmhH announce a partnership for the USA & Brazil. Viedtech offers one more Building Block for Value Added IT  & GIS Services to Esri Users.

    SynerGIS WebOffice is built upon ESRI ArcGIS Server technology and brings the power of desktop onto the Web. At the same time, WebOffice User interfaces are as easy to use as web-clients need to be. Strong support for open standards and system integration are specific WebOffice characteristics which aim at ‘getting the best out of it’ and ‘adding value’ from the customer point of view. Administrators will find role based access control, real multi-lingual application support and powerful authoring tools in WebOffice.

  • ASP MAP is a mapping component for embedding spatial data access, display and analysis capabilities in Web applications and services. Asp map supports ASP and ASP.NET and gives you the ability to generate map images, point-to-point routing and other features that – generated on the server – will make the map images fully interactive on the client-side. With ASP MAP we can create images in any standard image file format or even send a bit-stream directly to the browser.

    Based on .Net we provide various applications on ASP MAP. We use ASP MAP libraries for Web Mapping Applications and have ability to generate Maps, Thematic Mapping, Routing and Vehicle Tracking.

  • LP360 for ArcGIS seamlessly integrates 3D point clouds into ArcMap, providing the most comprehensive foundation on which to base GIS analysis. LP360 provides the ability to create and manipulate LIDAR point cloud data directly from industry standard LAS format files without any time-consuming importing or converting processes. LP360 is not memory sensitive and allows gigabytes of data to be loaded, merged, and managed in ArcGIS. LP360 augments ArcGIS with dockable 3D and profile windows that extend the GIS desktop into the third dimension. Available in three functional levels, LP360 provides solutions from visualization through automated feature extraction.
    Benefits and Features

    • Seamless management of thousands of LAS files
    • Visualization of all LAS attributes as points and surface models
    • On-the-fly surface rendering (TIN) and contouring with breakline enforcement
    • Import and conversion of ASCII data
    • Integrated and synchronized 3D and profile windows
    • LAS statistics and file header information
    • Extensive Quality Check tools
    • Export tools for DTMs, DSMs, contours and specialty analysis rasters